Friday, February 24, 2017

The experience of music after meditation.

So what do I feel exactly? I feel like the music is vibrating through my body and I feel intensely whatever the music is trying to communicate. My whole state is tuned into it and I can really really really see the beauty in the particular song. Awe is almost a constant through the tracks and there is meaning in this experience. It is a spiritual experience. The word soul is overused by me but I can't think of better words, it is a soul-enriching experience, one that might not leave me wanting for more, but instills in me a sense of deep connection to the world. The whole of my body is reacting and responding. This experience is much much different than what I usually have but still I don't know how thankful I am to meditation and everything else that gives me such effects. Nonetheless it is a crazy experience to just put on something right by your bedside and you feel like you are being connected to god.
Now this feeling of awe and spiritual ascension whilst listening to music is more frequent probably because I do Breathing exercises now. I feel this most frequently with malayalam songs, idk why but I think malayalam songs have emotion and genuineness unlike English songs. I feel like the rhythm is more genuine and less directed at trying to impress people but there outliers like Porter Robinson's Shelter.

Monday, February 20, 2017

INTJ warhero. (Short story)

(For my mallu bros ,INTJ is a personality type in MBTI known to be ruthless ego maniacs,  search for it)
And there lay his fair goddess, sleeping, undisturbed, he didn't want to do anything to her, he just wanted to see and to look. He gestured a sigh of epic relief  at how he could finally see her FINISHED.
SHE isn't what you think she is, SHE is a piece of writing the INTJ had written to an online group detailing how wrong and short sighted an online article was. He felt pride in how much of an intellectual masterpiece his writing turned out to be. It had everything from every angle, it was objective, it sourced scientific journals, he even read books in it's preparation. He was indeed cashing his cheque this time, he wanted all the glory, all the adoration, his online "fans" would throw at him.
And the time finally came when the INTJ had that momentous ocassion, he finally plunged into deep pockets of his consciousness to be ready for the prize, and he PRESSED THE BUTTON to post his writing online.

But oh boy, it was the wrong place, he posted his writing to his public facebook page. He didn't notice it.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Grit and how to get it.

This is a recap post, of all the things I learned about grit, which is a trait how well you stick to your plans, this has a big connection to your success in the world.

To develop grit:

1.Find a deeper meaning to your goals: I'm learning Japanese to get in touch with a culture, to know a culture that is deeply different from my own, I can also improve my memory and has benefits for the brain, which will help me out in the world. This can also include your work, if you are a logistician like I am, know that you are acting as a fundamental channel for the society. The doctors won't be able to prescribe medicines without good logistics, babies won't have their food, buildings won't be made, newspapers,mobiles,books, it's all dependent on logistics.
2.Inculcating Growth mindset: With this mindset you think of yourself as a growing enitty rather than a person with fixed skills, each failure  or setback is part of the plan and allows you take in more information.
You can inculcate a growth mindset, by using affirmations,or using a subliminal software like "Subliminal Blaster 4". The following affirmations are what I use:
My brain is like a muscle when I exercise it, it gets stronger.
When I practice I see great results
When I put forth more effort I improve
When I practice my neural connections get stronger.
I view challenges as opportunities for growth
When I learn new things I am smarter
When I work on something difficult my neurona get stronger
I see value in failure because I learn something new.
Setbacks are natural, everyone faces setbacks, it's part of the plan
3. Hope: Hope is a drug that fuels an attitude which to others might seem like a delusion. Practice hope, by optimism. Optimistic self talk helps. If you are at a setback, tell yourself "This is natural, I'm human, I can make errors, I can have bad days, everyone has it, if I can presevere I will succeed".
4.Select goals that are interesting to you in the first place.

It's a big story. (short story)

One day I woke and I was tantalized by the sudden appearance of a giant worm, the giant worm looked at me patiently, waiting for me to make the strategic movie to run or to idk, maybe hug the worm. I thought the worm was particularly sad in a world full of small worms and smaller sized people. It didn't have anyone to fuck around with. He needed a hugging bff.And so I was his.
So we gave in to right on chakra activation. He told me he read on this "site" he found a couple of years ago, that chakra activation could potentlially be very INdian. I was appalled at his racism, but continued on in the hopes of quieting his emotions.
And there I lay flat on my bed with essential oils on my skin, with a giant toothpaste, Imean giant worm on top of me, cHanting, but oh this fuckboi wasn't doing that, he was actually distracting me from what was actually going on. He was iniating me onto wormship. Who knew? Chakras were actually worm-invented, by the late Chandrasekran worm, of kottayam, invented this whole chakra thing.
Well whatever motherfucker, I will be a worm then, I will live off fallen leaves or wahtever they eat.
I physically began to change once he got off. I saw to sky and there was an eagle, up there, but I was in my room just a minute ag....
And the eagle came rushing, my brave warrior (but double crossing) worm friend stood in fornt of me, he took all his energy , jumped and wallopped the bird. At that point, it was clear to me waht was happening, it was a clever customary ritual between eagles and big worms.
I screamed in agony, in pain, in endless self-pity, I pondered on the meaning of our friendship, I wondered why worms do things like this. "Why do they double cross" "WHy are worms so icky" and exactly "what are worms to begin with". This was the reverse strike he didn't expect, I shot myself in the head. I astral-projected, I took the form of a preying dragon, I was limitless, endless magnificence shined out of me, I was perpetually in sync with the world....To the worm that tricked me, I gave him a enchanting touch, he broke his form, he became a human being, my body reversed as well. I looked at him with fury and punished him for what he had done. I flew off into the cosmos, with my immense grin.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Self learning, how to do it right.

I reddit is full of very intelligent self learners people, these tips prolly are second nature to you, but this is for the newbies who you were  one day.

Recall what you learned at the end of the lecutre:
Recalling something learned is imprtant, because it strengthens those memories in your brain. Making it better absorbed. This is shown by science, the more revisions  you do with bigger and bigger delays in between(so that it is harder each time), the more you will absorb it.
Take notes, this is important :
Always keep the notepad ready(or your fav. note app) by your hand if you are watching lectures. Pause whenver you want to take notes, don't worry about noting it all down, make it as brief as possible. This is for convenience, if you want to remember all of the material then write all them. This is very important, no matter how much you think you'll remember the course, there is bound to be something you forgotten from it. Keeping a note you can easily stroll through and remind yourself some very useful fact you might want.
Take regular breaks:
your listening time should be a maximum as as 25 minutes no more. Taking breaks, this will make understand the information better, make conclusions, structure it better in your mind etc. Read about it right before you take a short nap. This will also have the same effects but even greater. Taking breaks is also necessary for peace of mind.
Final everyday tip, try to reduce as much as noise as possible:
Both visual noise and audio. close the room and the window infront. etc. it's not about being strict as it is about being productive with your time, you can learn so much more with the same amount of time.

Note: These are all tips from an experienced procrastinator, don't worry about being too lazy for online courses. If YOU are interested in the material, you have reasons for studying it and you make a commitment, it is certainly possible.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Positive Journal: Happiness through a stroll in my neighbourhood

About the day to the fruit shop . I was feeling kind of neutral verging on an ill feeling inside, I did my gratitude meditation and I don't remember doing loving kindness meditation, but that day I felt like I wanted to go out and buy food but I didn't want shawarma to avoid eating junk food . So I went out to the fruit shop and as I went out I felt the beauty of nature, I breathed the air , saw the trees and thought of how wonderful and how truly amazing this world, I felt a rush of dopamine, I felt really happy at the trees beside me, the greenery, the solitary walk allowed me to just feel refreshed  by it all. I felt light and easy like I was flying through the air , I felt slightly euphoric, my mind felt different and all I did was meditate and focus on gratitude. I felt really joyful and happy that I went outside through a whole day of sitting at home, I am grateful to that experience, I am grateful of nature and the place I am currently staying in, the air is fresh here, the surroundings are quiet and calm, and there are rare birds flying all beside this house, rare and beautiful birds. On that day I really felt great about living in this beautiful planet, living beside the greenery and amazing things society does for us, we go to a market and they cater to us and we have places to go to, we have unique flavor to dip our mouths in, we have incredible experiences at the theatre, we have music we could listen to over the internet, we have quiet strolls we can easily get to in our neighborhood. This was really peaceful and quiet and easily accessible, I never thought how beautiful quietness was or how beautiful nature or how beautiful gratitude itself was, I felt grateful for all the things I have in this world. Overall I'm grateful to the world of journaling for making me write and feel wonderful again, as I read this I feel at that moment walking and experiencing the intense natural high I experienced then. Although I feel like I haven't described that memory as vividly as I possibly can.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tripping on Kammattipadam

 I was already into this movie within the first moments, it had a very confident start to it, like it knows it was going to be something awesome. Normally I don't like violence or blood, but in this movie it just felt poetic and like it was trying to potray a different spectrum of people and their experiences. I felt an intense and deep feeling of awe of spiritual nature by the middle, some of me wanted it to stop, some of me thought the movie was dragging out but I definitely experienced expansion of my emotional reel. I felt like I was on a wave of emotions, I was sad/worried/anxious/euphoric/ fearful of what was about to happen next. And it didn't dissapoint, exploring the nature and depth of our souls. It was exploring friendship, brotherhood, repressed feelings, criminality and justice. This gamut of neurotic emotions continued on and the movie took even more turngs into negativity and despair.By the end, I was totally washed over by emotions and everything inside me was on hyperdrive. Definitely an experience I'd never regret, please directors ,bring us more of these.

-From a fan of neuroticism.